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79 Bradley Street, Middletown CT 06457. Phone: 860-613-0200
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IUPAT DC11/ FTISNE COVID-19 Update #2*

Here is an update on our current status:

The FTISNE/ DC11 will remain closed for another two weeks and will reassess the situation on April 13th. Every two weeks we will provide you all with an update regarding our status.

*Please note essential staff are still in the building and can answer or return your calls as soon as possible!

Non-essential staff are working remotely from home during normal business hours and can still be reached via email to help you with anything you may need* 

During this time, if anyone is interested in taking any of our online training courses via our online learning management system (LMS) please contact the office manager preferably by email at jessek@iupatdc11.com to register you.


We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!