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IUPAT DC11/ FTISNE COVID-19 Update #3*

In an effort to provide our membership with online training during this difficult time, the FTISNE staff is now offering 8 online training courses! Please see the flyer attached for course descriptions and credit details.

We are still in the process of finding solutions for certain certification courses but we appreciate your patience as we determine a resolution that keeps our Brothers and Sisters best interest in mind and needs met.

We will be using a "credit" based system, awarding you credits for each course taken online, credits vary depending on the course. "Credits" will count as your STAR Courses, you will need a minimum of TWO (2) "Credits" to be eligible for the 2020 STAR banquet, if you have already taken one STAR course this year, you will only need one (1) "Credit" to qualify. If you are unsure of your eligibility please email us.

Once registered you will have access to every course and may complete whichever ones you'd like! If you would like to register for the online training please contact jessek@iupatdc11.com